My time to shine!

It’s mid August 2015!  I have no idea how that happened but time is just flying by this year.  It’s been a year since I wanted to start this blog.  I’m always thinking of blog post ideas or things I would like to share but never actually take the time to sit down and do it.   Instead of dwelling on my failure, I am going to concentrate on my upcoming success.

Every year I make a list of “New Year Resolutions” that I never keep. I want to lose weight, I want to blog, I want to spend more time with my kids, I want to be more patient with my kids, I want to get back the relationship I had with my husband before we had kids, I want to learn to knit, yada, yada, yada (if you haven’t watched an episode of Seinfeld – do it now or we can’t be friends)! I’m always thinking about these things in the back of my mind but as usual nothing happens!

The last few years, especially 2014 I was stuck in a rut.  I felt like I had no control. There were so many things I wanted for myself and my life but it seemed so difficult to obtain them.  I realized it was because of me! I was stopping myself from being the person I wanted to be. It was so easy to find excuses. I’m too tired, kids are sick or I had a rough day at work.  And I was so busy putting my family first, that I was leaving nothing for myself. I was holding myself back the whole time.

2015 is my year! I want to change the way I think and the way I live.  I want to be happier, nicer, more appreciative, a better spouse, a better mom, a better friend and like everyone else; I want to be healthier.

It’s no longer about the numbers on the scale for me. I want to be healthier, that is my final goal. I’ve been eating better and working out almost every day!  Being too tired was not an excuse I was going to accept. I created a personal record of working out everyday for 40 days in a row and I enjoyed it.  I looked forward to it every day.  I think I’m becoming one of those crazy people who like exercising.  You know when you check into a hotel and give yourself a quick tour.  You see a beautiful gym and there is one fanatic working out and you think to yourself, why would anyone work out while on vacation?  Well guess what? That crazy fanatic is me!

And what is keeping me motivated is my own progress.  Seeing my body change, my clothes get bigger is motivating me to keep going.  I want to be a great role model for my kids. Instead of sulking and complaining about my body, I want to teach them to go out, take care of the problem and achieve what they want.

My kids now work out on their own. They love competing to see who can do more push ups. They also work out with me when I try a new video out. It feels great to know that I’m enstilling physical activity in their lives at such a young age. Hopefully they continue to make healthy choices as adults too. I think the satisfaction of seeing my choices impact my children’s choices is even a better result than some numbers on the scale.