Keep Calm and Drink Coffee



My Sunday mornings are very routine.  I wake up,  start a load of laundry, work out, make the kids breakfast,  shower and go grocery shopping.  All of this while my wonderful husband is sleeping. The fact that he sleeps in used to bother me a lot but now, not so much.  But that’s another post for another day.
Today however, I did something different.  After loading all the groceries into the car,  I got myself a coffee.  I went through the drive thru,  parked my car and took a deep breath. Opening the lid and letting the aroma of the coffee fill the car gave me so much warmth.
I sat there in the in the parking lot and enjoyed every last sip.
The night before was a disaster.  I lost my temper at both of the boys,  they cried,  I cried (after) and it was not the way I want our weekends to be.
I’m not sure how other moms keep their cool. Or ar least pretend to. I feel like such a failure in that department.  I feel like my kids don’t take me seriously unless I yell.  And lately it seems like I’m yelling all the time.
Yelling at them to wash their hands, put their glasses on and stop touching each other and that’s all before breakfast!
I turn into this ugly beast on a yelling rampage,  while my kids try to do everything right very fast. They know I’m serious!
But I hate it!  I don’t want them to remember me as always yelling at them. So,  while I drank my coffee this morning,  I made a promise to myself that I would try my hardest to stop yelling.  I didn’t want to be the mom with the forced smile telling her kids for the hundredth time to use his indoor voice either.  I wanted to be me.  The cool,  fun mom who just had to give the look and everything was ok after that.
That 10 minutes of reflection was all I needed to regain my Mommy confidence again.
As soon as I got home and opened the door,  I heard them fighting about something Minecraft related.  I took a deep breath,  put the groceries away and went out for another cup of coffee!


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